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    Be a reseller

    If you're interested in becoming a Baimlesreseller, Please send a private message to @zedd on the forum with the following information: A link to your reselling website. The link to your Discord server (Please note that having only a Discord server might limit your chances of becoming a Baimless reseller). Which products are you interested in selling? (CSGO + Course) Provide your Discord or Telegram contact information. Please be aware that if you're new to reselling, your chances may be limited or close to none. I'm seeking professionals who are experienced in this industry.
  2. Yes our inventory changer is working perfectly fine, you can use it without risk
  3. Our software is generally activated automatically after purchase. However, depending on the chosen payment method, you may need to request technical support. For immediate activation, we recommend joining our Discord server, where we provide comprehensive support. Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket as well.
  4. Many users frequently inquire about the current security of Baimless. This topic aims to provide a simplified explanation of how the Baimless protection system operates. Outside the gaming environment: Our protection starts even before the loader is initialized. Our software can be executed directly from a pen drive through a .bat file, which disables specific Steam modules. Additionally, this process conducts a cleanup of the registry (regedit), eradicating any trace of execution. For this reason, it's crucial to deactivate the antivirus, allowing the software to disable the Steam modules. Furthermore, we've implemented an operating system that optimizes the execution of our kernel drivers. This system incorporates a "patchguard disabler," responsible for creating a customized version of your operating system. Upon Steam startup: Upon launching Steam, our loader manipulates the VAC modules. This involves deactivating certain Valve anticheat checks. Additionally, detailed information is transmitted to our server, indicating whether there have been any updates from Valve. During gameplay: Upon entering the game, the "Trusted Mode" is automatically activated. This functionality aims to shield you from potential detections during the match. The Trusted Mode monitors and automatically deactivates functions that could lead to detection, resulting in a cheat with fewer features but enhanced security. It's important to emphasize that disabling the Trusted Mode significantly increases the risk of harming your "Trust Factor" and, consequently, leading to a future ban. It's worth noting that the security of Baimless might be adjusted in the future. We are in a continuous process of updates, striving to maintain Baimless as secure software for all our users.
  5. Obrigado pela review meu amigo, adicionamos 3 dias em sua conta para você continuar aproveitando 😍
  6. My first Status

  7. You are eligible to receive the update.
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