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  3. jus wanted to say hello :D
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  6. Discord for contact: aero#1904 Payment methods (PayPal, steam giftcard, cashapp, btc) Dm discord for any questions.
  7. Cmd

    Official Resellers

    EN-US Hey, for those who don't know me, I'm Cmd and I'm currently responsible for Baimless partnerships. So, if you have a really good store and want to become an official reseller of our software, your chance is now, just add me as a friend on discord to talk better and we can reach a partnership. PT-BR Olá, para quem não me conhece, sou o Cmd e atualmente sou responsável pelas parcerias da Baimless. Então, se você tem uma loja realmente boa e quer se tornar um revendedor oficial de nosso software, sua chance é agora, basta me adicionar como amigo no discord para conversarmos melhor e chegarmos a uma parceria. Discord : cmd#2677
  8. Hi! It works perfectly on windows 11, however it is not made for use in League Anti-Cheats!
  9. I need to know if the software is working properly in windows 11 and can i use the softwarte in League Anti Cheats (Faceit, ESEA, GamerClub(Brazil)).
  10. I can pay you by steam giftcard or visa. and it won't let me add you if you can add me ✰𝑂𝑧𝑧𝑦ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇᵇʸ#3589
  11. Hi! Going to the "Documents" folder, then ".baimless" and "settings" inside the .baimless folder, there you can put the configs!
  12. zedd

    Vac Predict System

    We are the first to create vac predict, this is not a common function
  13. v1ec

    Vac Predict System

    almost sure these "functions" are basically in every cheat loader but ok
  14. deadlysha12

    Vac Predict System

    when anti defense technology
  15. zedd

    Vac Predict System

    This topic is intended for our technology "Vac Predict" which is the only one on the market, thus ensuring total quality to our customers. On 10/12/2021 we announced on our website the following sentence "Never get VAC BAN, if you do then we will refund your money". This phrase will be in effect and will be our main slogan, this is a guarantee for our customers that our product is totally safe. How does Vac Predict technology work? Our technology works in Windows kernel mode using Steam Beta data to analyze possible changes in VAC security provided by VALVE. So the Vac predict technology communicates with our other Vac Bypass technology passing on new information whenever the vac goes into update. How does our Vac Bypass technology work? This technology takes the ID where the VAC is working and whitelists it, therefore the vac will not be able to work. Our system does not allow you to inject Baimless if the vac bypass does not work, it is necessary that the vac bypass is working, if by chance the VAC BYPASS cannot work properly you will receive an error before the software injection. You can also see on the Steam console when vac bypass load DLL for user We have a system where the DLL is made exactly for your computer, therefore every time the software is injected different bytes will be generated, in short, no Baimless user will have the same dll injected into CSGO. Manual Injection Map Kernel mode The current injection of Baimless works in Kernel mode state, thus ensuring more security for users who will be using Baimless Untrusted Anti Vac This system is included within the software and must remain active to ensure that no function will catch the VAC error which can lead to untrusted bans.
  16. Cmd


    About updates when new knives come out, we try to release the update as soon as possible, making our customers happy and no regrets of having purchased your chest.
  17. Cmd


    For now our forum is really a little abandoned, but our discord is active, that's where we are answering questions, fixing problems and talking to customers about doubts, even though some problems are resolved through tickets here on the forum.
  18. Got few questions... Baimless.. hm.. good legit cheat? - might be.. Im currently iniur** lifetime user, but the cheat is outdated, There is nothing with movement. But - There is BAIMLESS.. First, i tought the cheat is good and all that stuff - but.. When I looked at this forum, There are even 1-2 months old posts, where People ask about cheat, and not a single respond from staff - they dont "give a f**k" about the cheat anymore? How fast are Updates when new knives got out to game? Was it the same day?
  19. yes im buying it right now i just asked if he used this cheat because it looks really good
  20. if i buy the baimless lifetime subscription, is it just a one time payment of $100? or do i have to pay it again annually?
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